This band is not your sort of everyday band and their music can be difficult to categorize. A world/jazz guitarist, a classical cello player that knows how to improvise, a jazz bassist and an African percussionist – the music speaks for itself.

“Classy, interesting and even beautiful release by Danish guitarist and composer John Sund.
Acoustic Sense are one of the best of the genre that I can think of…”
Steve Fergenbaum – Wayside Music, Cuneiform Records, USA

Track Listing:
1. Agama Suite Part 1 (8:48) 2. Absorption (11:05) 3. Lost In a Maze – but fascinated (7:22) 4. Ballad for the Abandoned Man (7:33) 5. Searchers Communion (9:00) 6. Like a Breeze  (5:28) 7. Agama Suite Part 2 (9:17) 8. An Evening Song (7:55)

Line Up:
John Sund – guitars
John Ehde – cello
Morten Lundsby – contra bass
Ayi Solomon – lost of percussion

All compositions by John Sund / Produced by John Sund
Engineered by Louise Nipper at Soundscape Studio. Mixed by Louise Nipper and John Sund.
Mastered by Lehnert Kjeldsen/Mastertouch
Photos by Bjørn Bertheussen, Jacob Eskildsen and Morten Lundsby
Cover art and design by