This album is a collaboration between the two South Indian musicians, Shashank Subramanyam, Phalgun Parupalli and the Dane John Sund. The most accurate way to describe this project must be as a musical meeting between two cultures, but with the emphasis on Indian music. Shashank is considered to be one of South India’s leading exponent of the bansuri (the bamboo flute) and on this disc it all melts together in the best thinkable way. This album was recorded in four hours, in between touring... not something you do everyday.

Recorded in Copenhagen, September 19th 2011.

Track listing:

1 Ahir Bhairev (Shashank) 9:14 
2 Folk Song (Trad) 9:07 
3 Seven (Shashank/Sund) 6:37
4 Duette (Sund) 2:50
5 A First Impression (Sund) 9:01
6 Postlude in E Minor (Sund) 16:23

Line up:

Shashank Subramanyam – Bansuri
John Sund – guitar 
Phalgun Parupalli – Mridangam & Kanjira