World On A String has existed since 2002 and this, their debut CD, was very well received by the press. 

“Jazz Special” reviewer Peter Rahbek:
“This is meaningful and honest art and together they raise the music to a higher level, which as I hear it, reaches far beyond the actual notes and melodies, we hear. Exactly therefore, WORLD ON A STRING will hold up to repeated listening”

Track Listing:

1. Light Minded (6:37) 
2. Lydian Mode (8:43) 
3. New Gems (5:41) 
4. Inborn (5:00) 
5. Straight Ahead (6:33) 
6. Martin Rochford’s (Irish Trad, arr. by Falgren/Sund) (5:01) 
7. Root & Branch (7:00) 
8. India (9:25)
9. As the Crow Flies (5:44) 
10. Sine Die (6:35) 
11. Between Leaves (4:50)


Bjarke Falgren – violin & viola
John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars
Morten Lundsby – contra bass
Ole Theill – tabla

All compositions and arrangements by World On A String except where different is indicated

Recorded at Bach Recording by Ole Moesmann, 2003
Mixed at Ark Recording by Søren Siig, India and Sine Die was mixed by Simon Andersen and John Sund, 2004
Cover art and layout by Linda Balle