World On A String was formed in 2002. They have, all this time, nurtured their very own personal music-style and are as a unit, capable of doing interplay of an almost telepathic rapport. They released their debut album in 2004, to rave reviews, and this – their second release, is taking their music to the next level.

“The quartet consists of Bjarke Falgren on violin, John Sund on guitar, Ole Theill on tabla and Morten Lundsby on bass, and these experienced gentlemen creates the musical fundament with their own compositions that breathes like living organic entities – in a way one wouldn’t think possible.”
Niels Overgaard – Jazz News

Track Listing:

1.  Happy Day (7:30) 
2.  Sooth (4:47) 
3.  Mama’s Cooking (5:01) 
4.  Interlude Part 1 (2:33) 
5.  Flow (6:29) 
6.  Interlude Part 2 (1:39) 
7.  The Dancer and The Devil (4:24) 
8.  Interlude Part 3 (3:06) 
9.  Epic (6:59) 
10. Interlude Part 4 (1:53) 
11. Chinese Tea (4:09)


John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars
Bjarke Falgren – violin & viola
Morten Lundsby – contra bass
Ole Theill – tabla

All compositions and arrangements by World On A String